Discover A Step-By Step System To Create Your Own Automated Membership Site and Shopping Cart

Confused about how to Create A Membership Site in Nanacast? Are you worried that you might mess it up or that someone might steal your content on your newly created Membership Site? Or even worse, are you worried you won’t get paid for all your hard work? Are you looking for the best fully automated shopping cart and membership management system? We know there is an awful lot to think about? The common problem most people have is where to start. With all that overwhelm many critical aspects involved in the Creation of Membership sites is often overlooked:

Create A Membership Site

  • Keeping your content secure
  • Ensuring members stay engaged
  • Being able to tell the difference between prospects, customers and affiliates
  • Automating the process so you don’t become a support desk

A lot of this just comes down to good planning. But it is amazing how often planning goes out the window when technical hurdles get in the way. We know that some of the less technically minded amongst us can find the whole process of setting up a membership site downright confusing. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be so hard. We use a proven system. Now you can kick the technical roadblocks with our step by step guide that will take you through the process from start to finish. You can now overcome the technical hurdles of setting up a membership site in Nanacast. You don’t even have to install any scripts or learn html.

We aim to make the entire process of setting up a membership site painless.

“Membership Tutor simplifies the technical aspects, step by step, showing you everything you would want to know, including setting up your affiliate program, integrating email and managing your online enterprise.  Membership Tutor is outstanding value and a must have resource for the online entrepreneur.”
Jim Jinright & SEO Experts, Texas USA
Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn with The Membership Tutor
  • You’ll learn how to plan ahead so you can save time and money
  • What tools you’ll need before you get started
  • Build your membership site from scratch in minutes
  • Set up pricing for one time offers and early bird specials
  • Add content to your membership area
  • Automate the delivery of your content securely
  • Drip feed your content to members so you keep them hungry for more
  • Create audio content
  • Host and stream video and audio
  • Set up your shopping cart using paypal
  • Integrate your membership site with third party email providers
  • Add payment buttons to your website
  • Create a sales page in Nanacast
  • Set an affiliate program membership area
  • Set up the affiliate sign up and login area
  • How to set up and organise your membership and welcome pages
  • Set up custom membership login pages and membership areas
  • Testing your membership site to make sure it works
  • How to pay affiliates
  • Make your shopping cart and membership site fully automated
“It’d been 12 months since I tried to set up my first membership. I battled for days never quite able to find the instructions that matched exactly what I needed to do. It was with dread that I approached adding a new membership that had a tight deadline. Thankfully there is now Membership tutor. It was simple and straightforward with the membership tutor guide. Its a great profit increasing resource because I’m now building products to add rather than putting off adding products to sell”
Belinda, INSYNRG Pty Ltd, Sydney Australia


Create a Membership Site

Here is More Of What You Will Get With The Membership Tutor

  • Access to in-depth videos on Membership Site Creation that will show you “how to” do it step by step
  • Complete video walk through from start to finish on setting up a membership site.
  • Complete video walk through on how to host your content as well as display it in Nanacast
  • Over 100 pages in the PDF download guide to go along with the 12 video tutorials
  • Checkists of what you need to get started

  • Membership Area – Login details will be e-mailed immediately so you can access the product content anytime anywhere.
  • Membership Guide: Over 100 pages of tutorials with screenshots delivered in PDF format
  • Video Tutorials – All the steps to create your membership layed out in sequence for you to watch at your convenience.

Only USD $79


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P.S. You will have everything you need to set up your membership site and create a great looking professional membership area. Stop wasting your time trying to figure out how to do it, you’ll have it all in this amazing program that uses the best fully automated shopping cart and membership management system.

P.P.S. Backed by my 100% satisfaction guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose and no reason not to take action, but this is a time sensitive offer, which means if you want to gain access to Membership Tutor at this price, you have to act now before the price goes up.